Double Chain Sprocket

Double Chain Sprocket


Double Pitch Chain Sprockets

Available for Double Pitch Chain with S or R rollers.
We offer a line-up for RS2040 – RF2160 with S rollers, and RF2040 – RF2100 with R rollers.
Chains that use S rollers engage with every other tooth. Sprockets will have a longer life as chains engage with different teeth every time the rollers rotate (when actual number of teeth is odd).
Product Lineup
Product Types / FeaturesPilot Bore Series Double Pitch Chain Sprockets
Three types are available: Steel type using carbon steel for machine structural use, stainless steel type with excellent corrosion resistance, and plastic type that can be used with no additional lubrication.

Fit Bore Easy Finished Bore Type Double Pitch Chain Sprockets
Can be selected from set finishes of shaft bores/keyways/set screws. Customers can use this sprocket with no troublesome additional finishing required.

Lock Series Double Pitch Chain Sprockets
Can be mounted to shafts without using a key. Frictional force on the tapered sleeve locks sprockets to the shaft with no keys.